Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hate waking up early in the morning and abuse the whole world for it?? On your way to office get stuck in a fucking traffic jam everyday?? The guy behind you can’t stop honking and on the other side there is a bus trying to drive over your car. You reach office and find your Boss already there and wonder whether he has no life…infact you wonder whether he even went home and you realize he didn’t when you see a mail by him sent at 3:57 am!!!

Your girlfriend calls you in the middle of a meeting and accuses you of not loving her anymore as you didn't call her “coochie coo” in the morning or your boyfriend is controlling your life?? You try explaining and instead things get worse and he/ she calls it off. Frustrated you drive back home and again get stuck in a traffic jam ‘coz a mofo politician decided to take out a rally against the cruelty to grasshoppers in some far off island of Andamans.

Or are you in a college where people from the opposite sex are living examples of Darwin's Theory of Evolution?? Your Profs seem to be the direct descendants of Chengis Khan and the food in your cafeteria also seems to be leftovers from that era?? The exam papers seem to be of a completely different subject...rather stream...and you know the office peon's family even better than India knows the Gandhi family??

Relate to this?? Feel like Murphy is in Love with you?? Feel life sucks and the hot chick next to you doesn’t?? The hunk in a marriage turns out to be your distant cousin?? Wanna crib, criticize, abuse…basically just wanna vent out against everything around…Job, College, Love, Politics, India Tv??? Or simply not able to have chicken during navratras??

Well you are at the right place then…we’ll listen to you…we’ll back you…we’ll abuse with you…we’ll help you with the “blanket pitai” of your boss…we might also help you get that hot chick ;)


Jahan hum atyachar karne walon ka balatkaar karte hain...

ps: membership open :)

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