Saturday, September 12, 2009


Do you hear the silence?

It talks to me…

Whispers in its own sweet melody.

The sting of solitude confines me in time
Like a Blind man looking for sunshine,

I feel the pain of autumn,

Leaves departing from trees

And feel the pangs of the night’s chilly breeze.

I hear the silent sighs of rain drops

The shadow of dark menacing clouds

As I search for a glimpse of life

Trapped in a cage of solitude.

Don’t free me from fetters of seclusion

Don’t search for hope in my soul

Just give me peace, give me bliss

Give me a reason to be missed.


Transfixed by time...unbroken.

I...Cease to exist!!!

Goodbye to all those doubts, to all those worries...goodbye to all those words laden with poison!!!

The Crystal Maze was dying it breathed its last!!!

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