Saturday, May 30, 2009

Better Off Alone!!

I'm sick of people's judgements... their eyes their stares burning into my skin. Why do they have to be like that? Don't they have a life of their own? I wish this world was a simpler place.... I will rant about it more, but not for now... I wish they'd read this one.. just leave me alone!!! I'm better off alone than to try and be the way THEY want me!

Thanks for this new place Mayz... this is a perfect place for all that I am bottling up. Expressing becomes so important at times... letting it out is the only way to be happy again. I miss that one friend who never judged me... (you know who)... and though a lot... practically a LOT has changed, I do miss that time a lot... Sometimes it's okay to cry a little in order to be fine.

Thanks again for this place Mayz!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Let Me Be.....!!!

Dunno just why people cant live their own lives and let me be.

I hate it when the top priority of people's lives become interfering into what I am doing. As in how does it matter to them, and anyways also how does it even effect them even an inch. But no, they have to keep on interfering, poke their nose in my business and go on irritating me. Why..?? Why..?? Why..??

Well... to that there can be so many reasons - #1 - They dont have a life. - So, for that, Get A Life... Dude. Coz I have one of my own and I am contented with it, and I dont need or look out for your inputs from time to time. So before I lose my patience better get a life of yours or You'll see a different side, which is not that sweet. Please do not do that, you are a fren and be one, and a gud one on that.

I hate it, when people dont take me as I am. I really really dont like it when they draw their own meanings to my words. Please dont do that, it hurts me a lot because I relly never mean such things, its just a matter of - Difference of perception. :( Sorry for all the times. Yeah I am saying sorry coz maybe Its my fault that I am not able to make you understand what I mean. Sorry, Love you so much.

(Hope this post makes sense :P)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stop ASSuming

What does your culture have to do with the way I present myself? I thought nothing, until I just walked in Krogers and paid with a check, to see my last name is allowing people to judge me.

It went from how are you today ma'am to ohhhh, your Jewish!

I did not answer I just stood and waited for my stuff. Then the question came. Are you all going to allow this war to end soon? Then I looked up and said I'm sorry did I have a I care to talk to you sign on my head? The moral to this story is. Stop ASSuming things and judging people due to color of skin, last name or religion cause let me tell you... You don't know jack shit!!!

Nuff said...., I had to get this out
Nehya aka the rude Jewess! LOL

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