Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It gets so difficult at times. Those endless tears after taking that 5 minute call, reminding me again that it was all once there and closing my eyes doesn't mean it never existed.

How I wish to know in my heart you're that person one call, one breath away; once more. I wish to call you at odd times, just to know, just to be sure you'll pick up each time, so that there can be one night that I sleep happily in the knowledge that there's no wall in between us.

I still know that you are a gem. I'm still thankful for those smiles that came right from my heart. I wish you touch my heart again and stay here to hold me when I wish to dance. So you tell me you regret letting me go... I did not reply. My answer would have been complicated and heavy with sadness and helplessness. It meant a lot for me, more than I'll ever show anymore. Can I ask you to come back and be assured that the crazy friendship we had once, you'd go against all odds just to be here with me one more time? Can I get the feeling that you'd do the craziest of things just for friendship's sake?

Please come back... It's agonizing to pretend everything's fine. I don't care what the world thinks of this, all I care about is having everything back... everything we created. I miss you...


rabbit said...

i wish your friend comes back.
hugs and keep writing

Anonymous said...

Friendship is something that I don't know I can go without. I know where you are coming from when you write this. Sometimes, even tho I hate to say it, some friendships are something that is meant to be from a distance, even tho it hurts us like crazy!!

Phone calls *sigh* Those that we wait for, yearn for, just want to here a hello, just to know that the person on the receiving end is alright, or maybe just the sound of the voice can soothe us.


Anz said...

(hugs)...coz no other words would soothe and ease the pain.

Mayz said...

i can so relate to this post...

i have lost so many friends...so many crazy moments for reasons unknown to me...

i wish for this every night...every time i pick up my cell to call a friend...wish for a lot of ppl to come back in my life :(

Roadies9 said...

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