Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stop ASSuming

What does your culture have to do with the way I present myself? I thought nothing, until I just walked in Krogers and paid with a check, to see my last name is allowing people to judge me.

It went from how are you today ma'am to ohhhh, your Jewish!

I did not answer I just stood and waited for my stuff. Then the question came. Are you all going to allow this war to end soon? Then I looked up and said I'm sorry did I have a I care to talk to you sign on my head? The moral to this story is. Stop ASSuming things and judging people due to color of skin, last name or religion cause let me tell you... You don't know jack shit!!!

Nuff said...., I had to get this out
Nehya aka the rude Jewess! LOL


Mayz said...

ohhh yessss...anyone who discriminates based on religion, colour etc etc to me is d scum of earth...

infact he/she is d scum that exists under 50 ft of crap under d sea bed

Anonymous said...

You got that right. I feel the same! I cannot help anything that goes on in the world just because of my last name. I love Israel tho....

Anonymous said...

Hon, let me tell you a secret, just smile really big and tell them to KISS YOUR ASS! Everyone finds something about someone that they just don't like. These days it is where your come from. Friend or foe. So many people are really click-ish these days.

I think you handled yourself wonderfully. I second Mayz but I will put it like this.. SCUM OF THE FUKING EARTH!!

I hate so bad when people judge period.

Anonymous said...

p.s I Love Israel also baby doll.

Mike said...

See, the funny part about that is that it takes two to tango, and the jew's aren't the agressor.

The muslims can lob rockets into Iraels residential neighborhoods for years, they finally had enough and fight back, the muslims overrun by the superior Israeli forces cry foul to the world?

And the retarded world BUYS the muslims crocodile tears?

Bullshit I'm calling.

But that's besides the point. That person was a racist ignorant bitch and needs to be reprimanded and/or fired.

Anonymous said...

Mike I call it bullshit also... And I also left out that I thought it was very racist to say such a think due to a last night. I would have told him to kiss my ass threw my groceries up in his face and watched as the manager told him YOU ARE FIRED!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, very demonic blog...ok

DPhatsez said...

so much Blood! (tingling in fear)


Offending people's easy, being politically correct is a pain in the ass!

Anonymous said...

Chan, thank you sweetie I can always count on you to make me feel good... And for you to be ready to fight my battles no matter what!!

Anonymous said...

I love you also Babe!! How can anyone not love you and your wonderful Language skills! lol

Anonymous said...

MIKE I know you know your history very well that is why I listen to you a lot when It comes to OUR Mother Land!

I am happy being Jewish, and I don't force my beliefs or anything on anyone! Nor do you.. I guess that is why is jive so much!

Be good sweetie talk to you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Chan, seeing that I have been there many many times, I would have to say that I have not seen him unless he has changed shifts or they did let him go! I dunno and To tell you the truth I don't care!

You and mike are one of a kind!
Love ya both!

Anonymous said...

OYIN, the blood makes things all the more better, I would not call it demonic until I just seen that some of satans people are here with us! lol

Ex. Mayz and chan! lol


Anonymous said...

D.. I agree with you.. It is always a pain in the ass.. but if we stop being so rude to one another and let others could change a lot of things!


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