Friday, July 31, 2009

Friends or Foes?

I would like to know if we are using the word "friend" to loosely here lately? YES this is a rant, not just for you but, for me as well.

We have our best friends, friends and associates., please answer me this, Why in the world do some people take pride in seeing you cry, sad, mad and ready to have a breakdown? Why do some people start a bunch of trouble and then run off like they have had nothing to do with the state of mind that you are in? These are the same people that you and I have classified as friends once. They tell you they are there for you and that anytime you need to talk they are there.. (bullshit)

People, if you can only come and talk/chat with me and it always being some rumors or something that is bad then I feel like you are not my friend... Friends don't like their friends being down all the time, or do they? (cause if they do, I guess I would be friendless) If things are bad and or complicated in a persons life why add more complication? I guess I was that gullible person that was too nice and did not see (or want to see) a bad side to some of the people I thought of as friends..

I have found that I have been way to nice to people that don't care about my happiness or me for that fact, whether it be online or off. If you have something to tell me from now about about a friend of mine, ex, sister, cousin or whatever it is.. Please think twice. I do go to that person and ask if that has been said or either I get mad and end up ruining that wonderful friendship with the person you told me about. I know I am to blame also. I am to blame for trusting you, Loving you and most of all, letting down my guard to let you become of piece of my life. Better yet, I did not see through you quick enough to save myself from calling you a friend.

IF you don't have your information correct, if you don't want your name brought up in the confrontation, if you don't want to look like a fool, think before you speak, or use someones name to benefit your "popularity or to let me know you are such a good friend, because all you let me know is that if you will pack their business, you are probably packing mine also.


ceedy said...

Ok what you say can be seen as few different ways.

1. There is always an underlying selfish motives when you befriend someone. It could be having fun together, crying out together or simply having a shoulder.

2. In life we meet a lot of ppl and we give them a title of friends...cause thats easy to give...but like all reln even friendship grows and sometimes has a period when it has to be let gone.....what you are doing is having an expectation that ppl will be nice to you cause you are too them....but if every one was nice to each other then doctors, attorneys and psychologists will be out of work......

3. Banter and exchange of gossip or rants is social thing. You have to learn to immune yourself from feeling for everyone and anyone all the time.....this is your fault not theirs....when you give them a shoulder you are allowing them.........

Anonymous said...

Ceedy that was a great breakdown. As I said Yes I blame myself also because I allowed it to happen because I was assuming that things are always "nice" beit people or things.

Being selfish is apart of everyone, but when you take on the title of friend, Damnit be one!!!

Yes I agree we give them the title without checking out and seeing what that person is really about, and more than once yes we end up getting burnt! Why do people feel the need to feed off of our sadness! that my dear is sadistic. There is mean, then there is just PLAIN EVIL!!!

I guess I should pass them up? because I am too nice. I try to be there for anyone I can but I guess it is time to walk away.. Your right! I am making my life suffer and my relationships due to so called Friendships!!

WarmSunshine said...

Hey Nene...

Happens... some people just have nothing better to do! We can't do much except feeling sorry for them.

It was good to express all that. No one has the right to do that.

God bless you!

Mayz said...

lets kick some ass!!!

babe u shud have abused those freaks...i wud have liked it that way

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