Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Agree To Disagree

When I decided to start my blog, I was not really thinking anyone would come and read it. I just wanted to do it as away to interact on my friend Ne's Blog. I have grown to like blogging. Still, I do not have any expectations as far as having a lot of comments and such.

I tell you one thing, I have gotten really pissed here lately while going to peoples blog and seeing all that hate, fussing and "fighting" on these blogs. I mean really? You do know that half of the people that leave comments, whether good or bad you are probably not going to see at all, right? So why do we get our panties/boxers all in a bunch?

I have a list of the types of blogger's that I try to stay away from, WHY? Because they piss me the Fuck off.

1). The blogger that wants the world to feel sorry for the mishaps that have happened in their lives or someones comment rubbed them the wrong way and they want to quit blogging. But the kicker here is they come back 2 days later refreshed, WHY THE HELL you leave when you coming back tomorrow? Sympathy is used on the people that really need it. Not people that "HAVE" to have it to feel good and wanted.

2). The Blogger that comments as a Anon. OMG, THIS PISSES ME REALLY BAD. You want to "voice" your opinion, or you want to Flirt with someone elses man and/or Cuss the person out, so you decide that being an ANON is going to get your point across? I detest people that "hide" Makes me wanna vomit. But I do thank you, because I LOVE laughing.

3). The Commenter that cannot come to your blog because of your language. Seriously? I may have had a bad day and I want to blog about it, It is my blog right? I don't have to explain, Just stay the FUCK away.

4). The blogger that keeps on saying, You have not been to my blog yet. I am fully aware of not being at your blog. You coming and reminding me, is not going to make me come there any faster, if ever.

5). The Blogger/commenter that is always right, and wants to fuss about it all the time. NEWSFLASH you are not going to out argue me. I WILL have the last word. Believe That. It is MY blog right?

In Conclusion:
I want to get along with everyone. I don't like being rude I love happy faces at all times.
"Let's agree to disagree" Ok? Then blogsville will be a better place. I love you all.

*These points and this post is all views of Chan. So please do not take it out on the authors of this blog. If any hate mail comes from this post, I will make sure that the correct authorities are contacted & I will have a field day laughing at it*



NE~ISM said...

That was so nice of you to add a disclaimer to your post.

I have felt like you many times. I don't like all the negative vibes I see on the comment sections either.

Anon's Pfft! make me nauseated also. I think you did an awesome job with this and maybe now you can cool down since you got this out of your system... I am going to come to your blog and cry bcuz You have not been to my New old blog yet!! lol

Love ya gal,

oo7 said...

just a sec..late...NE..u beat me to it..

oo7 said...

have to agree with you...can't disagree.
people will not even read your post and's so irritating.

nice to see you here chan.

keep rocking us...

иidhi S said...

Great Post. Seconded..!!

Its completely unacceptable of such people... -I have seen guys commenting on blog posts just to hit on you... so unethical.. they use even blogger as a social net. big bleh to alll of em.. irritating fellows.
-Anonymous commenting should be banned.
-Yeah...some people visit your blog and comment just so... you too do the same for ther blog... lol.

Tazeen said...

oh i couldn't agree more with you ....

The EnCHANtress said...

NeNe. I did not want anyone to attempt to jump on anyone else about this post when it is my minds thoughts. Yes Anon's really upset me to me they are nothing but sneaks and posers.

Glad you liked it.

The EnCHANtress said...

Vicky, Yes she beat you, she is fast and my number one fan.

I forgot to add that one also, I do not like when people read a post, well a sentence of the post and then reply I am like WTF are you talking about? hehehe
Glad you liked the post.

The EnCHANtress said...

Nidhi, I am so glad you could agree and also I agree with you on Banning Anon's also.

The EnCHANtress said...

Tazeen, Thank you so much for agreeing. I see I am not the only one that is thinking on these lines.

Quirky Mon said...

The second type of blogger you've mentioned irks me the most

The EnCHANtress said...

Quirky Mon, Oh you have no idea how bad it irks me also. What I wrote is only the beginning of how I feel about Such Anon Commenters

Mayz said...

Those comment-errrssss...

the ghosts of the kicks dont listen to the talks :P

I esp second ya on ur second point...d anons...grrrrrrr!!!!
its jus so my chotti maa calls em "anony mouses"...those lil sweaky creatures who wanna bite into ur cheese (no puns intended ;) )

sometimes i wonder where do they get all that time to do stuff like this...hmmm do u think they hide behind d anon facade to hide their inefficiency in bed...
that is d only logical explanation i cud come up wid for this behaviour...

to all anon commentors

ek din sab katega...beta tension mat day u'll get over ur performance anxiety...till then u got d privacy of ur room...SO GO AND FUCKING PRACTICE THERE!!!!!

The EnCHANtress said...

Mayz, It is not great to really say what you feel? I cannot stand them at all. HAHA bite into your cheese? OMG I love it! hehehe

Such behavior they have to know people are really not into it. I dunno. Maybe one day they will get it. Until them Get abused I guess.

I am so glad you liked this Mayz.


Devika said...

I agree on all points here,
no disagreement, anywhere Chan/Mayank and others :))

Bloggers need to have a single community spirit first of all...some times it seem to work like political groups outside. --

I too love to see happy faces around...not sad and heady ones!
if all start to show the heady awful it would all end up, no?

thanks for this post, Mayank and Chan... covers most of what I wanted to say myself:)


oo7 said...


nice lecture to anons...

яノςんム said...

in additon to the list, the bloggers who bitch about others in their blogs and the bloggers who take one or another comments on their blogs seriously and brag about them for a whole season.

the pink orchid said...

woho!! hats off to you.. i wanted to say all of this from so long... you have voiced something very valid girl... :)
i am proud of you...

ruggedboyz said...

hello Mayz
i would want to put my self in the bracket of the debator and one who likes to fuss and one who is waiting like a hungry dog for comments
this is my first grace of ur blog and boy i had fun on it hope to see you more and one thing i dd tell you is
"U dont have to come to my page and i will never remind you of it"
he he he hu hu hu have fun bro caio

The EnCHANtress said...

Devika, Thanks for the nice comment. I think blogging should be a happy thing, but sometimes some people decided they are out for blood and all they want to do is fuss. Really sad.

Hope to see you here from time to time

The EnCHANtress said...

Vicky. He did alright. hehehe, I really enjoyed the comment.


The EnCHANtress said...

Richa: I completely agree with you 100% I mean really they are searching from something to bitch about. it is a shame.

I love that addition to the bloggers/comments.


The EnCHANtress said...

Pink, Thank you so much, I would take a bow to this, but I tell you all of us need to take a bow and not sit here and stand for this silliness. It really has started to bother me here lately from blog to blog someone is fussing over some stupid things.

Not to mention my sickness that comes from seeing someone post as Anon, I could write so much on that.


The EnCHANtress said...

ruggedboyz, that is fine there is nothing wrong with a FRIENDLY debate, it is when you force your ideas and opinions on others that really get people pissed off is all.

I am glad you stated that you don't expect one to come to your blog and comment and vice versa that is what really sets the REAL bloggers apart. They blog for themselves and not everyone else.

Hope to see you back.


hitch writer said...

i agree to disagree,.... but somehow i agree to the most of the diagreements you have....

dont know what i mean... but lol.... most points i agree !! :P

The EnCHANtress said...

Hitch writer, I understand you fully. I am glad you agree with some of the points. Thanks for reading.


Mike said...

My stuff is mostly made up bullshit.

I love it when an ass comes to my blog.

I turn their retarded comments into a post, they get angrier, everybody sees what a tard they are, and they run away with their tail tucked between their legs.

People with bullshit drama that come looking for trouble are almost always way dumber than me and are easy targets.

I say, bring it on!

Ghost Particle said...

Hello. I can has cheeseburger/ I aint stalker. I post reader. :)

The EnCHANtress said...

Mike, I never thought about it that way. I mean even though I laugh at them I did not think about being able to write a post about them.

It could make me feel so much better. lol

Thanks for stopping by.

The EnCHANtress said...

Ghost, Cheeseburger say what? hehehehe

I am glad you are a commenter. I think that is what you are saying. Lets fight Leaving blogger Poster's and coming back together, NeNe let me in on it. heheeheh

Ghost Particle said...

LOL! i was saying im a post reader. and yeh a commenter :)

definitely, i mean if i was the internet ruler of some kind, id banish the flip floppers. fishing for sympathy they are.

love your writing :)

ARUNA said...

hey though iam late, i agree too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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