Friday, April 3, 2009

((Not so..)) ..Silent Cribbings..!!

People say.. They are irritated..!! People say..They are Frustrated..!! People say..They don’t want this to carry on any longer..!! I ask all of of them … Are they then doing anything..If anything at all to change it..??//

It seems so easier to put other under scrutiny and through questions, but have I ever asked myself…what am I doing towards my frustrations..?? The answer Obviously is a big ‘NO’. Its not that I don’t wanna do anything about it, but its just that, I don’t know what to do.

I say..I am irritated and frustrated. But most of the times I don’t know for myself what exactly I am irritated or frustrated about. What makes me feel that frustrated over life. Though with time, and after much soughtful insights, I have come to know that the answer to it is… Not doing anything towards it, just cribbing and cribbing and more cribbing…!!

Ø I am Frustrated with my Current Day patters

Ø I am pissed over myself for making hasty decisions with the current job

Ø I am Pissed at myself for not speaking against that senior at the right time

Ø I am pissed at myself for not putting into action my wishes

Ø I am pissed at myself for convincing myself for not giving a fight for the person, who meant so much to me

Ø I am pissed at myself for not expressing myself in reality and letting the logical head take control.

Ø I am pissed at myself for letting the logical head take over even in the matters of Heart sometimes

Ø I am pissed at myself for not taking the first step forward

But what still makes me happy, is the fact that after all these facts I don’t and cannot hate myself, I have accepted my faults in the past and decided not to repeat them, be cautious and let the Heart take control. Give the Head little rest…and just go with flow. And most importantly move towards a new change a new life, which will put an end to my current tensions and frustrations.


яノςんム said...

oh wow Nidhi.
did u feel any better after jotting this down??

i hope u did.

Cheer up girl.things gonna be alright.

Anonymous said...

This is something I think all of us go through..
I have to say I get frustrated over so many things and then BAM! I do nothing about it, until it seem utterly TO LATE! so I think!

I really Like this post!!
How do you feel after penning this down?


Mayz said...

oh we r born to do mistakes n criticize others...d day we start doin to ourselves d world wud no longer b fun to live in...hehehehe

woh kehte hai na karm karte raho aur karm ka dosh doosron par daalte!!!

if there is no one to blame wat is d fun of makin a mistake...d wisest person is d one who finds someone to blame his faults on :D

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this also.I always get pissed with myself on various occasions, thinking I need to do something, ok knowing I need to do something and I then I don't.

It feels so liberating to write it down so hopefully we will all make it known to ourselves next time and Actually do something about it, NO? I hope I can.

Great post

hitch writer said...

like mayank says, karm karte raho aur dosh dusro pe daalte raho...


time is always a solution !

иidhi S said...

@ Richa

hey. Thanks for the concern.
Yeah I can may be say I feel better but feeling good is still a bit away.
But I have learned to live life without these concerns and its good this way. :)

иidhi S said...

@ Ne~ism

hey, yeah it happens, but the worst we do is to not do anythin to help it, and crib later. 'd say either we cud have taken a step or accept our decisions at that time, and hope that it was the right decision for the time to come.

I have so much inside me, of some I cant evn write about, but yeah these are my current concerns and feel better after taking it out. Thanks :)

иidhi S said...

@ Mayz

LOL Mayank.. "if there is no one to blame wat is d fun of makin a mistake...d wisest person is d one who finds someone to blame his faults on hahhaha...yeah sure...but this is what I have been doin, since the time I can remember ;) :P

иidhi S said...

@ Chan

Hoping is a good thing to do, when you hope you already take a step forward. Making it known to yourself is the most important, Self Knowledge is the most crucial.
I wish you luck and strength to put your plans in action :)

Thanks :)

иidhi S said...

@ hitch writer

Thanks for the stop.

Hmm Yeah I agree baba.
Keeping your tip in mind, i say I'll let time to heal it and wait for the time that changes everythin but, yes theres a but I too have to work towards that change.
Thanks :)

oo7 said...

we all go through this phase,will time i have started taking this as a learning experience...
and i have started to love myself...i don't regret any decisions that i made in the past as they make you feel guilty,just move on and meet ever1 on this journey called life with a smile.

Devika said...

Hi Nidhi,

absolutely relate with you, dear

truly speaking, i too get bogged down many a times...but then I know, its because I mix up matters of the heart with matters of the mind...they are two different things as you said

seperate the two...close the one that troubles -- the frustration ends...take a deep breath...and its all normal :)

I also draw or write or sing or listen to music when it all gets to my nerves...

I want to keep smiling all the while :)


иidhi S said...

@ 007

Thanks for stop and wonderful advise. Point noted :)
I completely agree with you, rather that cribbing abt the lows in life, we must learn and move forward

иidhi S said...

@ Devika

Good that you could relate to it and look at the positive aspects we can follow rather than musing and hurtin ouselves in the process.

Keep smiling. Its magical ;)

Anz said...

This post is so much similar to what I feel at times about people/situations and cribbings.

It is rightly said be the change you want to be, however, to be the devil's advocate here...there are times when one however hard may try to get out of a situation just can't figure out a way....realxing or anything doesn't seem to work. At times the change just doesn't happen.

But then...of course one can and should never stop trying!

иidhi S said...

@ Anz

Hey Dear...yeah even i feel this sometimes, its far more easy said... than done.. But one needs to just try and cope up with change.

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