Monday, April 6, 2009


Childhood days were so be yourself. Utter anything and get away with everything for being ‘Oh! A kid.’ I still remember the school & college days when we all wanted to get out and start working – somehow get transported in to the ‘Real World.’

No doubt ‘growing up’ is fun…liberty to go anywhere and do all those things that as kids were to be done only when one ‘grew up.’ But growing up comes with its set of difficulties or rather challenges. The list of course is endless, but the one that puts me in a fix is to interact with people who can put your patience to test. People who can get on your nerves to the extent of making you scream and run way out of their sight. People whose daily To-Do list includes finding ways and means to worsen your already difficult day. At times you deal with them with ease and most of the times… simply don’t know how to deal with them or what to do with them. It is indeed difficult to choose from a zillion torture options like wringing their neck or poisoning their food or putting them on slow roast by hanging them upside down. (Revenge sweet revenge!!!) *Evil Grin* >:)

Unfortunately, my interaction with this category of pain-bestowing & tension-giving human beings has increased to the extent of crossing the boundaries of bear, which leads to this post.

I guess somewhere or the other we all interact with such losers (yes, thats what they are-when they can't deal with their lifes frustrations they wreak havoc in others lives)…but then what to do with them, however, difficult it is you have to be courteous and nice to them and by doing so you feel even more trapped & helpless. It’s situations like these which want me to go back to the days of my reading Enid Blyton and acquiring powers where I could go invisible and bash them up!!! Buhahaha! (Are they pushing me to delirium?)

Before this post gets any more violent or crazy, I sign off here.

P.S. Suggestions are welcome on how to deal with such people or better still on innovative ways to torture them!


oo7 said...

well,in my life i have encountered only one person like that.

A lot of Things have kept me busy and more will,but i can never forget or forgive him.
And trust me...i believe in the saying
"REVENGE is the dish best served cold"

when the time will be right he will get what he deserves or should i say what i want to happen to him.
Till then he can njoy his life.

иidhi S said...

Dont even get me started...i'd rather dedicate a post to it. :)

Mayz said...

was this post written for me...hehehehe...
coz i thot no one troubles u more than i do :P

иidhi S said...

Is it...Anz...???//

Anz said...

@ 007: I know what you feel. Trust me it's good if this sort of interaction is limited to one person. The more the better is one statement that should stay away from this.

I know one does pay for their bad deeds, but then till the time they do reach the cash counter...they make our life miserable.

Anz said...

@ Nidhi: LOL...i can see a lot of similar feelings in that one line.

Yup it is Anz...though beginning to wonder..why you asked?

Anz said...

@ Mayz: don't feature anywhere on this you of course are a league apart! ;)hehehe

Anonymous said...

I have been to the point where I felt I had a out of body experience and I could see myself beating the crap of such people.. And it actually made me feel a lot better.. I try to stray from them as far as I can. I know that seeing them on a daily basis or even a couple of days a week can become harmful for them!

I have learned to find something to do and or just go the other direction when I see them coming..


иidhi S said...

@ Anz

i asked to confirm what Mayank said in his comment.

Anz said...

@ Ne: Yup thats what it feels like...beating these people black n blue. Unfortunately you can't do much about seeing them daily...but just go in to day dreaming mode and beat them up.

Anz said...

@ Nidhi: Oops..guess i misread the comment. As for what Mayz said...yes God granted him the privileged rights to trouble me. Sigh!

sraj said...

Great...everyone will have encountered one (or more) such at one stage of their too!!

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